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G.S.A.R. Marketing is part of Convenco, a group of companies involved in the travel industry since 1974.

Founded in 1982, G.S.A.R. Marketing is a global sales/marketing and communication company specialized in travel and tourism. Internationally, GSAR functions are:

1. REPRESENTATION: To represent, market, sale and p.r. international travel and tourism organizations and companies, looking either to enter or to expand their market share in Spain, Portugal, Europe or the Americas.

2. TRADE FAIRS ORGANIZATION: GSAR Marketing produces its own Travel Trade Exhibitions, organizing annually, since 1997, three international travel trade shows in Europe and the Americas.

3. PROMOTION: G.S.A.R. Marketing also promotes and operates Marketing and Sales Seminars, Product Presentations, Workshops, Roadshows, etc.
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