GSAR Marketing has successfully organized, from 2007, CULTOURFAIR, the only and pioneer international and cultural trade show worldwide exclusively for professionals. B2B appointments are pre-scheduled and an outstanding networking program ensures direct contact between all participants. At CULTOURFAIR the buyers’ quality is guaranteed, since they must pass a strict selection process and only buyers with high-potential business will be approved.

  • A two-day interactive forum, where up to 24 meetings are programmed per agenda.
  • Networking program ensures an average of 60 appointments.
  • Itinerant Venue to promote and experience new locations.
  • The fair is complemented with “Post-tours” for buyers and press.

Who can participate?:

CULTOURFAIR does not accept visitors or on-site registrations to avoid “Aisle sellers” to protect the exhibitors’ investment. Only hosted buyers approved and exhibitors owning a stand can participate.

  • Exhibitors: Tourism offices, hotels, specialized agencies, tour-operators, etc., worldwide.
  • Buyers: Tour-operators and specialized agencies in cultural destinations, carriers, attractions, cellars, etc., worldwide.
  • Press: National and international specialized journalists are invited.


39 countries with 250 participants

4.795 individual appointments

$ 262,300,000estimated business M/L

Past events

2017   Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
2014/15   Puebla, Mexico
2013   Guadalajara, Mexico
2012   Granada, Spain
2011 Quito, Ecuador
2008 Cologne, Germany
2007 Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Become a Venue

Your city will benefit from the great advantages being the Venue of MITM / CULTOURFAIR.