GSAR Marketing has successfully organized, since 2007, CULTOURFAIR, the only and pioneer international and cultural trade show worldwide exclusively for professionals. B2B appointments are pre-scheduled and an outstanding networking program ensures direct contact between all participants. At CULTOURFAIR the buyers’ quality is guaranteed, since they must pass a strict selection process and only buyers with high-potential business will be approved.

  • A two-day interactive forum, where up to 24 meetings are programmed per agenda.
  • Networking program ensures an average of 60 appointments.
  • Itinerant Venue to promote and experience new locations.
  • The fair is complemented with “Post-tours” for buyers and press.

Who can participate?:

CULTOURFAIR does not accept visitors or on-site registrations to avoid Aisle sellers, protecting the exhibitor’s investment. Only approved hosted buyers and exhibitors owning a stand can participate.

  • Exhibitors: Tourism offices, hotels, specialized agencies, tour-operators, etc., worldwide.
  • Buyers: Tour-operators and specialized agencies in cultural destinations, carriers, attractions, cellars, etc., worldwide.
  • Press: National and international specialized journalists are invited.

The MITM System:

The MITM System develops an exceptional networking program during the whole event, generating synergies and strong business ties amongst participants.

Buyers are executives from international companies, carefully selected, decision makers with high business potential.

Throughout 52 editions celebrated in 37 cities of 18 countries we have demosntrated that the quality of buyers assures that appointments are met within a 99.99%, guaranteeing the exhibitors´ investment.


39 countries with 250 participants

4.795 individual appointments

$ 262,300,000estimated business M/L

Past events

2017      Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
2015      Puebla, Mexico
2013      Guadalajara, Mexico
2012      Granada, Spain
2011 Quito, Ecuador
     Cologne, Germany
2007      Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Become a Venue

Your city will benefit from the great advantages being the Venue of MITM / CULTOURFAIR.